Tuesday, October 12, 2010

USC vs Stanford: Review and experiance

 So last week USC faced the Stanford Cardinal in what I thought was a Thrilling game. I went to this game and I have to say the energy was very Live. before I get into this I have to start with the positives. USC's Offense was very dynamic and couldn't be stopped.  Matt Barkley with 390 Yards Passing and thats something right there. he forced a few passes but he competed with Andrew Luck. Robert Woods is  a guy who i've been high on since I saw him play at Serra High and for a reason. He was incredable and I think he will have a great future with SC along with alot of guys.

 Now the USC D is out of hand officially. They can't stop anyone or anything. Forced Turnovers thankfully but they need to do more. USC couldn't even stop the game winning drive for Stanford or Washington and now we have to wonder whos at fault here. I don't know but everyone involved is at fault and If its not fixed then someone is going to lose their job. I can type a whole post on this D but I don't really want to say much without getting mad. Cal is this week and the SC D have to hold up and get it together or they're going to cost USC more games. Now people are wondering if the Trojans just don't care anymore. USC wants to win and beat people and they have the heart but we will see what happens. Another thing that I cought live was how bad the Pac 10 officiating was. They missed some calls for SC and Stanford but the list is longer for SC. Deffensive holding when Luck was sacked? PI on an uncatchable ball? The Clock wasn't ran when bradford got the first? and the OH SO EARLY WHISTLE ON THE TACKLE WHERE GALLIPO HIT THE DUDE LATE? Yes he shouldn't of done it but come one now. Stanford is a good team but if they we're better than SC then they didn't need those calls late in the game.

 Finally this is something that upset me and thats Stanford Fans Storming the Field and the class that they show. Im not saying all Fans don't show class and its cool to say your team aint going anywhere but If your a favorite and if you beat an Underdog don't rush the field. I always see this with Oregon and its classless. First off Stanford fans you we're a 10 Point against an Unranked Trojan team. If USC would have beat Stanford and if we stormed the field at Stanford Stadium then we would be looked at as classeless but thats the thing about us Trojan fans. We act like we've been there before and don't storm the field. Now Im not saying don't storm the field but if it was an upset and if USC was #1 then ok I can see but not as a favorite. Also Stanford fans you only had one good year so don't sit there and talk down other fans like Stanford won 11 National Titles. By far the most disrespectful Fan Base along with Oregon that i've seen so far.

All in all the Stanford/USC game was a classic even though USC lost. I enjoyed the tailgate experience and the game atmosphere. Lots of USC fans but SC fans we gotta get loud at away games. Don't just sit down get loud and cheer on the Trojans.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

USC vs Stanford: My Take Preview

 This is a game where Power football will come to mind. This Saturday USC will play a very physical and a very good team in the Bay. No Im not talking about CAL Im talking about Stanford. USC and Stanford have a long history with each other going back before Pete and Jim. Last year Stanford led by Toby Gerheart came into the Coliseum and Thrashed the Trojans 55-21. Jim Harbaugh haven't been scared of USC since he got the Stanford job and has improved Stanford alot but he has been egar to burry anyone including USC. I really can't say much cause you know the story here. USC and Stanford are coming off a loss and both teams want to make a point. As far as the score and prediction I cant give one but I will tell you that this will be a fun game to watch.

I know this isn't the usual but I will post alot more of these. Its called my take and it will be breef but will have lots of info.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Note to All Trojan Fans

 Last Night people are still feeling the effects of USC losing to Washington and with that theres tons of anger directed towards the Trojans. I hear fans saying that their not going to anymore games or other outragous stuff. Now Im here to clear the air because as a Die Hard Trojan fan to see some other fans stop caring makes me sick. USC's Deffense let the Trojans down lets get that straight and the Coaching wasn't to shabby either. Im not calling for Lane's Job just yet but something has to be done. Changes have to be made because Next week USC gets Stanford and they need to FIX ALOT of things. Now I refuse to say USC suck because they don't. The Deffense sucked and so did the kicker and the coaching that night. So before you say your not going to anymore SC game check yourself because if you say that your not a true fan. USC is out of the polls due to the loss but you must remember theres alot of people out there that waited to see USC fail. USC may not win the AP Title but they can ruin alot of dreams for others. People Focus on Stanford because their down and this is a good shot to beat them in Palo Alto. Remember we have yet to lose back to back games.

USC's D fails again as Huskies beat USC Again 32-31

 I've decided to just post this instead of the usuall review because all of you guys seen the game. Washington for the second time in a row have betten the USC Trojans in LA 32-31. Washington showed that they wanted this game more and that they wanted to beat the Trojans in their own home. It was Deja Vu all over again as the kicker Folk made the game winning FG AGAIN as the Huskies Beat down the USC D who played like crap the whole game. I read the USC blog and they gave USC's D a C grade. I'd give USC more of an F because they just couldn't get it done. If USC had stoped them on the 3rd and Long and 4th down then they would deserve a C but in my eyes an F because the Offense did their Job but the D let the Trojans down. Lane Kiffin also appered to have caved in when Washington was driving. Use your damn timeouts to at least give the Offense a shot to win it and Joe Houston just quit the team. Before USC heads to Stanford I suggest this Deffense try to find themself and Tackle because if USC continue to play like this then USC will obviously lose to teams like Arizona, Oregon, Stanford, Oregon STt if they dont pick it up. I dont have much to say but I will post on sunday or monday

Friday, October 1, 2010

USC vs Washington Preview

 Saturday USC will have a chance to get payback against one of the teams that beat them. The Washington Huskies. USC players have been looking foward to this game for the whole off-season and USC is at home which should fire up the Trojans. Last Year USC was coming off a epic win against Ohio St and Aaron Corp was starting in place of Matt Barkley who was injured. USC jumped to a 10-0 lead but Washington took over and managed to stun the then #3 USC Trojans 16-13 which exposed SC for the rest the year in Coach Sarks first year. This will be USC first test against a true team after playing the 4 games against non stellar teams. USC is going into this game ranked #18 coming off an improved performace against Washington St. USC's D-Line has been playing alot better and will need to play up to their full potential against Washington. Chris Polk is no joke and if SC don't stop the run like they have in their last two games Washington will run all over them. The Secondary will also have to be ready for the pass attack against the Huskies or else Jake Locker will tortch the Trojans through the air. The Offense on the other hand will need to cut the turnovers. In the last two games Matt Barkley have thrown a combine 4 INTS and can't afford another Int in this game. Allen Bradford also fumbled last week against Washington St which got him on the bench but I'd look for Allen Bradford to get the carries along with Baxter and Marc Taylor. I think USC should pass the ball on Washington more and go to Havili if hes effective. The Huskies D gave up 383 on the ground and 150 Through the Air against Nebraska but Nebraska doesn't pass. USC is more of a balanced attack that Washington is use to seeing.

Last Year Washington Shocked #3 USC 16-13 in Washington
Can the Trojans get payback or will Washington stun USC in
Los Angeles
 The Huskies on the other hand they're looking to bounce back against USC after that killing that Nebraska gave them. Washington is coming off a bye which is very helpful for the Huskies taking on the Trojans. Coach Sark will look to pull the same magic he did last year by beating the Trojans but he will be inside the Coliseum trying to pull it off. Jake Locker is also looking to over come a 4-20 71 Yard Performace against a Nebraska team with 6 Very Fast Corners. This week Jake Locker is a big threat against the Trojans Secondary who are just now finding themselves(I hope). Jake Locker can also get it done on the ground which will have Ed Orgeon and Monty Kiffin losing sleep. The D being coached by former Trojan Cordinator Nick Holt will have The Huskies Defense ready for USC's offense. No doubt Washington will come in to this game ready to give USC a fight in LA

 Now heres the fun part for me. My prediction on the game. I think USC will come into this game with payback on their mind and had this game on their mind for a while. Jake Locker and the Huskies will make this a game and will take the lead a this game before USC kicks in and run away with the win. Jake Locker will Improve and give this USC Defense fits and the USC Offense will show their consitancy hopefully but USC wil have to cut down on pentalties and Turnovers cause if the Trojans come out too fired up and if the Huskies make the big plays on them then the energy will be gone and deflated.


Monday, September 27, 2010

USC vs Washington ST Review.

 Yesterday USC opened Pac-10 play im Pulman Washington to face the Washington St Cougars. USC going into this game was expected to make a Major statement against a weak Washington St team. At the Start Washington St jumpped on SC at the start but came SC's Drive USC showed why they were USC with Stanley Havili's 56 Yard Run. The first half was shakey with turnovers left and right. Barkley threw two INT's in the first half and Allen Bradford fumbled to put him on the bench. The halftime score was 28-13 but came second half it was Old School USC all the way. USC managed to get there act together and outscore the Cougs 22-3.  USC took the win 50-16 going into the Washington game in LA.

 USC to me played alot better than the last few previous games. The First was shakey with the turnovers and all but once the second half hit USC played alot better. The secondary still needs some work. They gave up too many yards in the air but they are also getting turnovers and INTs. Nickell Robey after getting beat for the Opening TD made up for it with two INT's. TJ McDonald also got a Pick on Jeff Tuel as well. The D Line was outstanding for the Trojans only allowing 67 Yards Rushing and Sacking the QB 3 times. I loved the pressure that the D Line got but I feel they need to do better getting to that QB making him make mistakes. The Offense on the other hand was all Stanley Havili. What a performance from him on Saturday. Other than Stanley Matt Barkley had a some what good day but He needs to stop forcing passes. He threw 2 Picks from bad passes. Dillon Baxter some what brokeout and Bradford Fumbled which got him on the bench. Overall USC play better and moved up to 18 in the AP Polls. Now USC prepares for their first Revenge game against Steve Sarkisain and the Washington Huskies. This will be an intresting game for the Trojans but that will be for another post.

Friday, September 24, 2010

USC at Washington St Preview

 Tomarrow USC will be on the road once again in Pullman Washington to take on the Washington St Cougars. USC is coming off an improved performace against Minnesota. While the D Line made massive improvements the Secondary will need to make a point in this game. Offensively USC will look to sharpen the Passing Game. Last game Matt Barkley passed for 192 threw 2 Picks and 2 TDs. USC also had a big game running the Ball. Marc Tyler got a TD on a play where he never quit. Allen Bradford went on a rampage Rushing for 131 Yards and breaking out a 59 Yard Rush against Minnesota. At Practice on Thursday the team looked energetic and thats what USC needs going into a tough conference schedule. People are saying this will be easy but Lane Kiffin said it best, Teams that aren't motivated are prone to get Upset. As long as USC stay focused and plays motivated Football then USC will win big but If they struggle then what happens?

 Washington State on the other hand is coming off a loss to SMU and come into this game 1-2. They let Montana State hang in the game that they played against them and were blown out by Oklahoma St 65-17. Washington St is looking to make a statement in the Pac-10 Opener by hanging with USC or beating them. QB Jeff Tuel came into the game against the Trojans before in USC's 27-0 win against Washington St. This season he only thrown 1 INT. Marquess Wilson the freshman WR is a Playmaker and could provide a challenge for the USC Secondary and could be the Key for Washington St. The Washington St Defense has given up alot and hasn't done much at all but will try to improve. The Offensive line from what I hear is not all that either.

In the last two meetings USC has destroyed the Cougars but USC has lost to straight Pac-10 Openers ( 2008- Oregon St and 2009 Washington) USC will come into this game motivated and looking to make a statement. Im looking for USC to Blitz more on D and Go deep more and Pound the ball on Offense. USC needs to stay motivated and use this game to show that their ready for Washington and Stanford but they also shouldn't look ahead.

Washington St-10

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

2011 The Pac-12 Will take place

 The Pac-10 has Officially gone to the Pac-12....Well according to sources. I saw on espn that Colorado will Join the Pac-10 next year which means the Pac-12 will officially be formed. This was talked about earlier when Utah announced that they were coming in 2011 as well. To me I find this very intresting because now this means the Pac-12 will have a Championship game along with the Big-10 who had Nebraska join the conference. Now there are some question I know you guys will be asking. We'll Im going to break down this whole thing but lets see how this whole thing came into place.

 Expansion talk started when the Big 10 was talking about forming this 14 team Conference. Out of nowhere the Pac-10 then starting making plans to form this Mega Conference where Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma St would leave the Big 12 and Join the pac-10. This was So close to happining till Texas which caused all the decided to stay in the Big 12 but the Big 12 would not last. Colorado would announce that they would be leaving for the Pac-10 which would give them 11. Soon after Nebraska would leave for the Big 10 which gave the Big 10 12 teams for a Title game. 2 months later Utah would join the Pac-10 giving them 12 teams. UPDATE: The Big 12 just officially announced that Colorado will leave in 2011.

Now here are the questions that you guys are just asking in your head.

  • How will the Conference be split up?
A: Well from what Im hearing the Pac-12 will be split into North and South. South: USC, Arizona, Arizona St, UCLA, Colorado, and Utah. North: Cal, Stanford, Oregon, Oregon St, Washington and Washington St. Now thats what i've heard and I don't know what Larry Scott has planed but I will indeed stay tuned on that.
  • How many games will be played In Conference?
A: I'm guessing maybe 7 games in Conference seeing that every conference with a Championship game plays with that. For example USC would play everyone in the Division then would Play two teams from the North. Then the next time they play a team from the north would be in the Title game.
  • Where will the Championship Game be held?
A: Thats a question that I want to know. First off Are they going to hold it at the #1 Seed Stadium? I would hate that Idea because fans Travel too much for that. I would prefer for the game to be held on a neutral site. Now where will it be played. Well lets break that down.

-Rose Bowl (Passadena CA) Rose Bowl is held there, The Media Days are held there, So Why not a Historic Stadium like the Rose Bowl. It seats 92,000 people. If USC made it the Rose Bowl would be filled with Cardinal and Gold. Did I mentioned the Weather in Passadena is great in december?

University of Pheonix Stadium (Glendale AZ) NFL Stadium, Domed. Why not? The Pac-12 Championship game will draw alot of people. It seats 63,000 which isn't alot but its a Really Nice Stadium. Arizona and ASU fans will fill up the join if they made it.

Los Angeles Coliseum (Los Angeles CA) Oh how could I forget the Grand Ole Lady? You have another Historic Stadium right here but its pretty much on USC's campus (Its not on it but you get what Im saying.) Parking isn't great just like the Rose Bowl. But it does hold 93,000 which is great as well. You already hold the Basketball Tournys right near The Coliseum.

Qwest Field (Seattle WA) This seems like a cool place to hold it but it gets cold there and i doubt fans from the California and AZ Schools will go watch the team play in the cold.

 With Colorado moving this will be intresting. Utah and Colorado playing the likes of Oregon, USC, Stanford, and Oregon St will make for Intresting TV. Be prepared to see alot of of Pac-12 Games on Primetime TV.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

USC vs Minnesota Review

 Yesterday as you Trojan fans know USC traveled to Minnesota to play the Golden Golphers. As I said on friday this was THE Game for USC to improve and show what they can do and I saw some good improvement and things to work on. Minnesota had the lead twice in this game. Once going up 7-0 and then again on a pass to Da'jon McKnight to make it 14-13 in the 3rd. I was very impressed with the USC Run D. The held Minnesota's talked about Run Offense to 83 Yards. They also got to the QB and forced Turnovers and thats something I absolutily loved. The Offense was alright some what. Matt Barkley didn't play the best of games. He had two picks thrown. One from miscomunication and another from a horrible throw. Now as far as the run game that was very good. Allan Bradford with 13 rushes and 131 Yards on the ground, Marc Tyler with a rushing touchdown and the never quit attitude. Dillon Baxter seems as if he's getting upset and he shouldn't. He has to learn that the long runs will come over time.

 Now USC do need some work to do as far as cutting down Penalties and working on the Secondary but this team will do what they can. I loved how Nickell Robey makes in game Adjustments and how he has that Florida speed but I know more teams will pick on him as the season goes on. Overall I felt this was a better game for the trojans but they need to stop giving up last second TD's like that. Its really killing us fans.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

USC vs Minnesota Preview

 This week USC will travel to Minnesota to play the Golden Gophers. USC and Minnesota last met in 1980 with USC taking a 24-7 Victory , USC leads the series vs Minnesota 4-1-1. USC came off a poor performace vs Virginia last week where the Defense played pretty good and the offense was poor. Minnesota on the other hand are coming off a loss to FCS South Dakota St at Home. First I want to talk about USC. Everyone talking about Last Week and how the Trojans played and what not. USC dropped to #18 in the AP Polls. Minnesota should be their best chance to show that they can clean it up. Now from what Im hearing that USC and a good two days of Practice which is good because USC needs to bring that fire and take it into the game vs Minnesota. USC needs to be prepared for a Minnesota team who will bring the power. Theres alot of Injury concerns right now with Nick Perry, Jordan Cameron, Arnold Armstead, and Marquis Simmons. While Armstead said he's playing we still don't know whats going on with Nick Perry and Jordan Cameron. I believe they will try to play this week.

Now Minnestoa from what I hear is a better team than Virginia but last week was not the week for them seeing that they lost to South Dakota St. I saw some of that game and South Dakota St kinda made it look easy. This is the biggest game in Minnesota right now and in the new Stadium who knows what will happen. Minnesota like I said can bring that Power to USC and I think the Trojans need to be ready. Minnesota has some talented Recevers In my eyes and like hawaii the Secondary will be challenged once again. The D isnt all of the best basicly for them to give up 41 Points to a FCS team. I know the Golden Gophers will bring their A game when they play because its USC. Look for Minnesota to Pass the ball against the Trojans and try to Pound them on the ground.

Ok now heres my predictions. I believe this will be an intresting game to watch because these teams will have something to prove for that game. USC wants to have a strong showing before they start Pac-10 play vs Washington St. I think the D will carry over the energy from Practice and have a great performace. The Offense will perform better than last week. Im not saying USC will score a bunch of points but SC will come away with the win and go into Pac-10 Play confident and Lane Kiffin Happy.

USC-35 Minnesota-14

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Minnesota Paper says USC is a Shell of itts formerself Hmmmmm

 So theres a Minnesota Newspaper that said The USC Trojans are a 'Shell" of their formerself. That I find really really because this is Minnesota talking shit about the USC Trojans. Hmmm I guess when you get a new stadium and when you play USC it atomaticly gives you the right to talk mess. Now if you guys wanna read thing its right here.

Now I find this funny because I thought you had to beat FCS teams to talk. Oh Yall haven't heard Minnesota, The same team USC is playing  this weekend, Lost to South Dakota St and the sad thing South Dakota St made it look easy. I find it that you the Minnesota Newspaper can say USC looks like a Shell of its formerself when your program isn't looking so hot its damn self. I hope USC gets it together because this will get ugly If USC gets it together.

Question Do they play play Football in South Dakota?

Monday, September 13, 2010

USC Drops to 18 in the AP

 USC has dropped again in part of their Lackluster Performace against UVA. A game that they won 17-13. Now my Last Blog I said the D played poor. I was wrong the D was doing better than they did in Hawaii but there still need for improvement. the Offense wasn't as great as they were in Hawaii due to Dropped Passes, Under Thrown passes and....PENALTIES!!!! As a result USC dropped 2 spots in the AP Poll. I think this is the first time I've seen a team win but Drop in the Polls. So now USC will go into Minnisota with the #18 Ranking. I promised myself i would hold off on the Minnisota rant till I do my Game Preview.

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

USC beats Virginia 17-14

 Last Night USC faced off against the Virginia Cavaliers in their Home Opener at the Coliseum in a game in which we were hoping would mean improvements for the Deffense. Well last night USC came away with a win 17-14 with UVA scoring at the end. Yes USC got the win but they played like crap. The Offense at the start was sooo shakey and the Deffense show light improvements here and there but Still gave up too many yards. The Defense gave up 340 yards in this game in which Im still not happy with. I don't know why the D is allowing this many yards but something needs to be done. Now I saw some flashes of improvement but still wasn't what I wanted to see. The Offense was pretty much the same came 2nd Qtr but they can't afford having a slow start and Penalties!!!! My goodness If this isn't the least disaplined team right now then I don't know who is. 12 Penaltys for 140 Yards and So many plays called back. Lane Kiffin said it best they need alot of work to do. The droped passes in the 3rd and that really needs to be worked on.

 Now I did see some things that I liked. Matt Barkley showed what work he did by dropping those 20 Lbs over the summer. He evaded alot of sacks and that was something. The TJ McDonald did really good tonight and i hope thats a sign of things to come. Overall USC played poor and needs alot of work before there trip to Minnisota. Now USC fans please stick it through and don't leave at the start of the 3rd. Support the Trojans or don't go at all!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Trojancast Post Game


USC came away with a 17-14 win. Heres my thoughts on the game from 9-11-10

Trojancast part 2 of 2


This is where I answer your questions that you asked for this week.

Ricky from Los Angeles asks: would you start CJ spiller this week in fanasty football? How much of change do you give Montana state beting Wazz state (Via Twitter)

My Answer; Thats a tough one right there. If you have Running backs that will start and put up better numbers then I would sit CJ Spiller but If you think he can put up numbers for this week then play him. Seeing that they play Miami I would give it a shot at start him. As far as your second question I give Montana St no chance to beat Wassu but no one gave jacksonville St a shot to beat Ole Miss. Unless Washington St have a complete meltdown I expect them to win vs Montana St.

Cory from Mesa asks: WHo will win the Super Bowl?(Via Text)

My Answer: I believe the New York Jets will win. Its too early to tell but Im sticking with the New York Jets to win the Super Bowl against the Dallas Cowboys.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Trojancast Part 1 of 2 Episode#1


I finally got the Podcast up. Check it out and tell me what you think.

USC v Virginia Preview

 USC is back at it this week but this time we come home to the friendly confines of the Coliseum. Now earlier in the week I adressesd my thoughts on the Hawaii game. Yes Mind you I abused a number in my post. 588!! But this week USC has a Foe with a more traditional Offence. Now Lets talk about the Virginia Cavailers for a min. This team last week seen a Former USC QB Aaron Corp and a Richmond team from the FCS. Now I haven't gotten a chance to see them play but I heard about the game. Now mind you Virgina played a FCS School but then again Ole Miss lost to a FCS school. The Cavs lock down corner Vic Hall is a gametime descion. He was suppose to give Matt Barkley and Ronald Johnson issues but if he can't play then thats another hill for the Cavs to climb. The Offence have a more traditional approach to it which should be easier on the USC D because Hawaii has faster player and last year Hawaii was one of the top offences in the NCAA. Nick Perry should be able to play this week with Arnold Armstead going to DT making the Line fatser. Something we could use vs Hawaii last week. Look for the Cavs to use there run to open up the pass.

USC welcomes UVA to LA for the first time ever
 The Major Question right now is the Deffense. Nick Perry ,who suited up and warmed up before the hawaii game but didn't play, Will play even though Lane Kiffin is saying he's limited. Armstead moves to the DT with Casey which means the Line will be alot faster. I know the D wants to get in on the fun the the offence will have at the LA Coliseum in front of the Fans. I look for them to make a statement and show that they have made improvements.The tackling was very poor last game along with the Penalties. Ed Oregeon and Montey Kiffin should be prepared for this Virgina team this week. The Offence should be the same way like last week but I look for them to attack the deep part of the field and spread the ball to other guys. Also this week will be the Debut of another Freshman who I've been keeping my eye on. Dillon Baxter who was suspended for the opener at Hawaii and i can tell you he felt guilty about that. This week I look for him to pick up where he left off in the Spring. My main question is will SC kick a extra point? I hope so.

Now comes the exciting part of the previews and thats my prediction. 2008 USC dismantled Virginia at UVA 52-7. That game was also featured NFL First Round Draft Picks in Mark Sanchez, Rey Malauga, Chase Matthews, and Brian Cushing. This Year i don't see USC hanging Half 100 on the Cavs but I see a dominating performace from the Trojans. The D will play better and feed of the energy from a pumped up USC fan base. The Virginia D will have no answer for the USC Offence as USC wins this one and prepares for a Trip to Big Ten country for a match up against the Golden Golphers.

USC-45 Virginia-10

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

USC Alternate Uniforms?

Ok Now I've been wondering this for a few days and I know its a hot topic amung the USC Fanbase beside the Deffensive questions. Why don't USC have Alternate Uniforms. I did some reading about this topic and majority of the USC fans say they don't want it because they want tradition. My thing is if USC fans want tradition then why do they buy the Black and the Gold jerseys? I watch USC Basketball and they have Gold and Black jerseys. Now In one Pic (I took this off a fourm) These are what pro combat jerseys for USC would look like. Now I dont like the White Helment or Pants so I say change the helment to the Current one and Change the pants to gold and it'll be better. The others are the jerseys that people buy but the team don't wear. I don't see why they don't wear these I mean it would be nice to see USC bust out onto the field with these jerseys on a Saturday Night at the Coliseum. I would love nothing more to see USC wear em. Come on people lets push towards this.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bosie St to BCS Title game? SLOW DOWN!!!

Bosie St fans Slow Down!! You still have a season to play!!
 Last night I saw a great game between Bosie St and Virgina Tech. After the game I kept hearing people except Kirk Herbstreet about Bosie St and the BCS Championship game. First off it was a good game. A Great game played by both teams. Now you can call me a hater or whatever but I look at Bosie St schedule and I see 3-4 teams that can knock them off seriously. Bosie St fans i am talking to you as a Big Time USC Fan and when I look at Bosie St I look at 2008 when people were saying that USC was going to run through the Pac-10 and Play Florida for the BCS Title after beating Ohio St. The Next week USC lost to Oregon St on thursday night. Now I know Bosie St fans and others are saying well USC chokes and we're not USC. Let me tell you this Bosie St fans. After a game like that your emotions get drained and some teams manage to have a let down the next week. Now Lets look at the schedule here. Wyoming I expect Bosie St to win that game but look at Sept 25th. Oregon St with the Rodgers brothers will indeed be intresting to watch. Oregon St played a good game vs TCU on Saturday remember that. Then I look at the WAC and boy wouldn't any of the WAC teams including Hawaii and Idaho (Really?) Love to beat Bosie St in there last year in the WAC. I see four teams that could beat Bosie St and ruin this National Title run. Nevada is a team that has a great QB and run that Pistol formation. Fresno St with the tough mentality Coach Pat Hill who manage to give teams a run for their money. Hawaii who freaking Tourched USC's (Trojans) D and outgained the Trojans for 588 Yards. and Oregon St who I explained earlier. Yes they're going to be favored in all those games but just because your the favorite doesn't mean you'll win all the time. At the start Bosie St was on fire but If they were a national title team they would of put them way early. Yes Virgina Tech is a good team with a good QB. Also that D kinda broke down and they were outscored 30-16 after the half. The Main thing here Bosie St fans is don't look ahead. Ask USC(2008&2006), West Virgina(2007), Oklahoma(2003), and Other teams who lost to where it cost them a National Title shot.

Will the USC D step it up this week?

 This Week USC will comeback from the Islands and play a Home Game in LA vs Virgina from the ACC. Now I am about to ask a Question that every USC Fan has been asking. Will the Deffense thats been hyped up? I've been wondering as we had the good games going on about the SC Deffense and that Poor Performace against Hawaii. Now Hawaii was in the spread pistol formation while this weeks foe Virgina runs a more traditonal offence. The Coaches aren't ready to make major changes and that I can live with because its only week one but something has to be done. 588 Total Yards? To Hawaii? Thats the second most yards USC game up this decade. The tackling needs to get better..........VERY BETTER!!! The secondary I understand is young but we need them to get better fast and Can we get some disipline into this group Please? Also another thing that stood out was the conditioning in the 4th. USC looked winded on D in the fourth and that needs to be fixed but I believe USC will get it fixed this week. Monty Kiffin you have work to do and this D needs to be better for Virgina because if the D strugglesvs the Cavs then All of us need to hit the Panic button.

Friday, September 3, 2010

USC beats Hawaii 49-36. Heres my thoughts.

 Last Night USC opened up the season in Honolulu Hawaii against the Hawaii Warriors. This was Lane Kiffin's debut with the USC Trojans as a head coach. Now I saw the whole game and I would like to give my inputs on the game. First I'm going to start with the offence. I loved how Matt Barkley was on point. I know Hawaii's D was weak but I loved it. Matt Barkley went 18-23 Passes for 257 Yrds and 5 TDs which was better than last years opener vs San Jose St. Ronald Johnson on the other hand killed it Last night. 7 receptions for 59 Yards may not be much but 3 Touchdowns receptions is. And not only that He returned a Punt in the 3rd for a TD which caught my eye big time. Running Back Marc Tyler who got the starting Job over Allan Bradford showed us why he was one of the top HS running backs in High School Football in 2006. 17 Carries for 154 Yards and one TD he proved why he is the starting Running Back. This Offence is going to do alot of good things if they stay healthy. Now heres where I start to do my ranting. The USC D that was highly talked about by Lane didn't show up. There was no disipline as there was 11 Penalties called on USC for 100 yards. The tackling was just terrible and I believe thats due to that no hitting in the off-season because theres no depth on the USC team due to Transfers. My big thing was how many yards they gave up. 588 Yards hawaii out ganed USC due to the poor coverage by the Secondary. Yes the secondary is young but thats not gonna cut it. If USC wants to go undefeated then they have to start with the D.

Overall I think USC has lots of work to do before they can talk about a undefeated season. Hawaii exposed the D very bad and Monty Kiffin must fix that before the Virgina next week. The offence should try to Throw down field. They have the speed to do it. USC good win  but Fix the D before you talk about 13-0.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Week 1 Preview: Hawaii Warriors

Last Time USC Played Hawaii #1 USC downed Hawaii 63-17
 This week the USC Trojans will take the field against The University of Hawaii at Aloah Stadium. This is the the day we have all been waiting for and I know every Trojan fan is very excited about the game on Thursday Night especially me. So I will go ahead and break down the Match Up between the Trojans and the Warriors. USC will be going into this game with depth issues. Guys are banged up and due to the NCAA Sanctions and Transfers USC is gonna have to do what they can in this game. USC has also anounced the depth Chart and it features players that Im really excited and intrested to see. Marc Tyler will be the starting Running Back over Allan Bradford. Robert Woods who wowed People at the State Title Game in Carson earlier this year will be the #2 Reciever over Brice Butler, Devon Kenard is the Starting MLB over Chris Galippo. The Secondary is also Untested but with Shareece Wright back things could get better. I think the Biggest question is how will USC play with the Sanctions hownding them.  I expect this game to be nothing but a coming out party for the offence. I expect Matt Barkley will torch the Hawaii D and I expect the Ground game to over power the Warriors. Now as far a Defence I expect USC to be alright. Hawaii last season was ranked 14th In total Offence with 5687 Total Yards. The Warriors also was ranked 3rd is Passing with 4381 Passing yards in 2009. Look for the USC Secondary to be tested as Hawaii Loves to Pass the Ball. USC has in what I think the best front 7 in the nation so I don't see Hawaii trying to Run the ball vs the Trojans. Plus Hawaii is not the type who wants to Run. Overall this comes down to the USC secondary having to be ready for Air Raid that Hawaii will throw at them but I can see USC having a field day against Hawaii seing that Hawaii tends to have horrible trouble vs the Trojans.

Prediction: USC-45 Hawaii-16

USC Trojan Football: My Season preview

Can you feel it Trojan Fans? Thats right USC football is on the way and my god Im for sure ready for some Trojan Football. I have been looking foward to this day since the end of the College Football season and man its great to be great. Now This year USC looks to be very very different. There will be no Pete Carroll roaming the sidelines this year, Instead it'll be Lane Kiffin coaching the Trojans and for the first time probably ever USC will not be playing in a Bowl Game due to NCAA Sanctions. The USC must be over right? Well not really. Last Year USC went 9-4 after major expectations to win the Pac-10. Emberassing Losses that made our stomach turn just watching them included a 17-14 Loss to Washington, 47-20 Blow out vs Oregon, The "Whats your Deal Game" where Stanford ran up the score and the Regular season Finale where USC blew the late lead vs Arizona. USC ended up in the Emerald Bowl vs Boston College. Yes USC had a Freshman QB and Yes the D had to replace some all americans but it was fair to say that the Play calling was predictable and everyone was playing for themselves. There was No Leadership there. Now USC did have good key wins over Ohio State in Columbus, Win over Oregon State at home, win over UCLA in the You say timeout I say Touchdown game and last but not least Norte Dame in South Bend. Once the Off-Season came USC went under major change. Pete Carroll left USC for the Seattle Seahawks taking all of his staff with him. With the effect of that everyone at USC was wondering whats next? The recruits didn't know what to do and players like Joe McKnight and Everson Griffen left for the draft. USC was left scrambling looking for a head coach and had guys like Jack Del Rio, Jeff Fisher, and Steve Sarkesian on the list. Once all of them said no it was lost hope. No cause in come a Familiar face. Lane Kiffin comes to USC after one year at Tennessee bringing Monty Kiffin and Ed Orgeon with him. Due to that USC finished the 2010 Recruiting with the #1 Class acording to Rivals. Then the NCAA threw the book at USC. 2 Year Bowl Ban, Loss of 30 Schollarships, 4 Year Probation. The worst since Alabama in 2002 2003. But the Sanctions only brought the Trojans closer together. Only 5 Players left and the team looked good. As we  go into the 2010-2011 Season what can we expect from USC this year? This will be a crazy year thats for sure. 4 Revenge Games for the Trojans with 2 of them at Home and two on the Road. a Not so stellar Non-Conference Schedule and that Intresting USC-UCLA game at the Rose Bowl.

 Now Mind you USC has some key Injurys and depth is and issue at USC right now and a Untested Secondary could harm the Trojans but This week USC travels to Hawaii and that will tell the tail about these trojans. MarcTyler, Robert Woods, Devon Kenard, will start and Matt Barkley will do his best to keep these Trojans a force to be reckon with. I know you guys are like whats your Prediction for our Trojans? Well lets get to that. I see USC going into the Washington game with a 4-0 Record. Washington comes to Los Angeles and this is the first of the USC Payback Games. I think USC hold Hiesman Trophy contender Jake Locker and his Huskey Offence in Check and coming away with the win. That next Week USC rolls into Palo Alto to face Andrew Luck and the Stanford Cardials. USC wants to do more than Punch them in the mouth. USC will go down early in the game but will come back and Rub Stanfords face into the ground. USC will then Beat Cal which brings the Trojans to 7-0. Oregon rolls into town and I believe that Oregon will come here Undefeated. Oregon fans have been talking and think that they will dominate the Pac-10 now. USC will bring them back down to earth which means Oregon fans will say that they can't go to a bowl to ease the pain of losing to a team on probation. USC will then Roll over Arizona St and beat Arizona in the last of the payback games which carries them to a 10-0 Record. Notre Dame will be the usual emberassment and UCLA won't put up much of a fight which means USC goes 13-0 and will win the AP National Title. BCS National Title will be between Nebraska who will go 13-0 and a One loss Alabama Squad. Bama will win leaving the SEC fans to brag about how great the conference is and will start a long debate  between USC and Bama fans about whos the real National Champion. Arizona goes on to Rep the Pac-10 after close wins over Oregon and Stanford but drop the 2 conf games to USC and Oregon St. So there you have it! Now its time for USC to prove to people that they can still play like THE USC TROJANS!!