Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Minnesota Paper says USC is a Shell of itts formerself Hmmmmm

 So theres a Minnesota Newspaper that said The USC Trojans are a 'Shell" of their formerself. That I find really really because this is Minnesota talking shit about the USC Trojans. Hmmm I guess when you get a new stadium and when you play USC it atomaticly gives you the right to talk mess. Now if you guys wanna read thing its right here.

Now I find this funny because I thought you had to beat FCS teams to talk. Oh Yall haven't heard Minnesota, The same team USC is playing  this weekend, Lost to South Dakota St and the sad thing South Dakota St made it look easy. I find it that you the Minnesota Newspaper can say USC looks like a Shell of its formerself when your program isn't looking so hot its damn self. I hope USC gets it together because this will get ugly If USC gets it together.

Question Do they play play Football in South Dakota?

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