Friday, September 10, 2010

USC v Virginia Preview

 USC is back at it this week but this time we come home to the friendly confines of the Coliseum. Now earlier in the week I adressesd my thoughts on the Hawaii game. Yes Mind you I abused a number in my post. 588!! But this week USC has a Foe with a more traditional Offence. Now Lets talk about the Virginia Cavailers for a min. This team last week seen a Former USC QB Aaron Corp and a Richmond team from the FCS. Now I haven't gotten a chance to see them play but I heard about the game. Now mind you Virgina played a FCS School but then again Ole Miss lost to a FCS school. The Cavs lock down corner Vic Hall is a gametime descion. He was suppose to give Matt Barkley and Ronald Johnson issues but if he can't play then thats another hill for the Cavs to climb. The Offence have a more traditional approach to it which should be easier on the USC D because Hawaii has faster player and last year Hawaii was one of the top offences in the NCAA. Nick Perry should be able to play this week with Arnold Armstead going to DT making the Line fatser. Something we could use vs Hawaii last week. Look for the Cavs to use there run to open up the pass.

USC welcomes UVA to LA for the first time ever
 The Major Question right now is the Deffense. Nick Perry ,who suited up and warmed up before the hawaii game but didn't play, Will play even though Lane Kiffin is saying he's limited. Armstead moves to the DT with Casey which means the Line will be alot faster. I know the D wants to get in on the fun the the offence will have at the LA Coliseum in front of the Fans. I look for them to make a statement and show that they have made improvements.The tackling was very poor last game along with the Penalties. Ed Oregeon and Montey Kiffin should be prepared for this Virgina team this week. The Offence should be the same way like last week but I look for them to attack the deep part of the field and spread the ball to other guys. Also this week will be the Debut of another Freshman who I've been keeping my eye on. Dillon Baxter who was suspended for the opener at Hawaii and i can tell you he felt guilty about that. This week I look for him to pick up where he left off in the Spring. My main question is will SC kick a extra point? I hope so.

Now comes the exciting part of the previews and thats my prediction. 2008 USC dismantled Virginia at UVA 52-7. That game was also featured NFL First Round Draft Picks in Mark Sanchez, Rey Malauga, Chase Matthews, and Brian Cushing. This Year i don't see USC hanging Half 100 on the Cavs but I see a dominating performace from the Trojans. The D will play better and feed of the energy from a pumped up USC fan base. The Virginia D will have no answer for the USC Offence as USC wins this one and prepares for a Trip to Big Ten country for a match up against the Golden Golphers.

USC-45 Virginia-10

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