Monday, August 30, 2010

Week 1 Preview: Hawaii Warriors

Last Time USC Played Hawaii #1 USC downed Hawaii 63-17
 This week the USC Trojans will take the field against The University of Hawaii at Aloah Stadium. This is the the day we have all been waiting for and I know every Trojan fan is very excited about the game on Thursday Night especially me. So I will go ahead and break down the Match Up between the Trojans and the Warriors. USC will be going into this game with depth issues. Guys are banged up and due to the NCAA Sanctions and Transfers USC is gonna have to do what they can in this game. USC has also anounced the depth Chart and it features players that Im really excited and intrested to see. Marc Tyler will be the starting Running Back over Allan Bradford. Robert Woods who wowed People at the State Title Game in Carson earlier this year will be the #2 Reciever over Brice Butler, Devon Kenard is the Starting MLB over Chris Galippo. The Secondary is also Untested but with Shareece Wright back things could get better. I think the Biggest question is how will USC play with the Sanctions hownding them.  I expect this game to be nothing but a coming out party for the offence. I expect Matt Barkley will torch the Hawaii D and I expect the Ground game to over power the Warriors. Now as far a Defence I expect USC to be alright. Hawaii last season was ranked 14th In total Offence with 5687 Total Yards. The Warriors also was ranked 3rd is Passing with 4381 Passing yards in 2009. Look for the USC Secondary to be tested as Hawaii Loves to Pass the Ball. USC has in what I think the best front 7 in the nation so I don't see Hawaii trying to Run the ball vs the Trojans. Plus Hawaii is not the type who wants to Run. Overall this comes down to the USC secondary having to be ready for Air Raid that Hawaii will throw at them but I can see USC having a field day against Hawaii seing that Hawaii tends to have horrible trouble vs the Trojans.

Prediction: USC-45 Hawaii-16

USC Trojan Football: My Season preview

Can you feel it Trojan Fans? Thats right USC football is on the way and my god Im for sure ready for some Trojan Football. I have been looking foward to this day since the end of the College Football season and man its great to be great. Now This year USC looks to be very very different. There will be no Pete Carroll roaming the sidelines this year, Instead it'll be Lane Kiffin coaching the Trojans and for the first time probably ever USC will not be playing in a Bowl Game due to NCAA Sanctions. The USC must be over right? Well not really. Last Year USC went 9-4 after major expectations to win the Pac-10. Emberassing Losses that made our stomach turn just watching them included a 17-14 Loss to Washington, 47-20 Blow out vs Oregon, The "Whats your Deal Game" where Stanford ran up the score and the Regular season Finale where USC blew the late lead vs Arizona. USC ended up in the Emerald Bowl vs Boston College. Yes USC had a Freshman QB and Yes the D had to replace some all americans but it was fair to say that the Play calling was predictable and everyone was playing for themselves. There was No Leadership there. Now USC did have good key wins over Ohio State in Columbus, Win over Oregon State at home, win over UCLA in the You say timeout I say Touchdown game and last but not least Norte Dame in South Bend. Once the Off-Season came USC went under major change. Pete Carroll left USC for the Seattle Seahawks taking all of his staff with him. With the effect of that everyone at USC was wondering whats next? The recruits didn't know what to do and players like Joe McKnight and Everson Griffen left for the draft. USC was left scrambling looking for a head coach and had guys like Jack Del Rio, Jeff Fisher, and Steve Sarkesian on the list. Once all of them said no it was lost hope. No cause in come a Familiar face. Lane Kiffin comes to USC after one year at Tennessee bringing Monty Kiffin and Ed Orgeon with him. Due to that USC finished the 2010 Recruiting with the #1 Class acording to Rivals. Then the NCAA threw the book at USC. 2 Year Bowl Ban, Loss of 30 Schollarships, 4 Year Probation. The worst since Alabama in 2002 2003. But the Sanctions only brought the Trojans closer together. Only 5 Players left and the team looked good. As we  go into the 2010-2011 Season what can we expect from USC this year? This will be a crazy year thats for sure. 4 Revenge Games for the Trojans with 2 of them at Home and two on the Road. a Not so stellar Non-Conference Schedule and that Intresting USC-UCLA game at the Rose Bowl.

 Now Mind you USC has some key Injurys and depth is and issue at USC right now and a Untested Secondary could harm the Trojans but This week USC travels to Hawaii and that will tell the tail about these trojans. MarcTyler, Robert Woods, Devon Kenard, will start and Matt Barkley will do his best to keep these Trojans a force to be reckon with. I know you guys are like whats your Prediction for our Trojans? Well lets get to that. I see USC going into the Washington game with a 4-0 Record. Washington comes to Los Angeles and this is the first of the USC Payback Games. I think USC hold Hiesman Trophy contender Jake Locker and his Huskey Offence in Check and coming away with the win. That next Week USC rolls into Palo Alto to face Andrew Luck and the Stanford Cardials. USC wants to do more than Punch them in the mouth. USC will go down early in the game but will come back and Rub Stanfords face into the ground. USC will then Beat Cal which brings the Trojans to 7-0. Oregon rolls into town and I believe that Oregon will come here Undefeated. Oregon fans have been talking and think that they will dominate the Pac-10 now. USC will bring them back down to earth which means Oregon fans will say that they can't go to a bowl to ease the pain of losing to a team on probation. USC will then Roll over Arizona St and beat Arizona in the last of the payback games which carries them to a 10-0 Record. Notre Dame will be the usual emberassment and UCLA won't put up much of a fight which means USC goes 13-0 and will win the AP National Title. BCS National Title will be between Nebraska who will go 13-0 and a One loss Alabama Squad. Bama will win leaving the SEC fans to brag about how great the conference is and will start a long debate  between USC and Bama fans about whos the real National Champion. Arizona goes on to Rep the Pac-10 after close wins over Oregon and Stanford but drop the 2 conf games to USC and Oregon St. So there you have it! Now its time for USC to prove to people that they can still play like THE USC TROJANS!!