Saturday, September 11, 2010

Trojancast part 2 of 2

This is where I answer your questions that you asked for this week.

Ricky from Los Angeles asks: would you start CJ spiller this week in fanasty football? How much of change do you give Montana state beting Wazz state (Via Twitter)

My Answer; Thats a tough one right there. If you have Running backs that will start and put up better numbers then I would sit CJ Spiller but If you think he can put up numbers for this week then play him. Seeing that they play Miami I would give it a shot at start him. As far as your second question I give Montana St no chance to beat Wassu but no one gave jacksonville St a shot to beat Ole Miss. Unless Washington St have a complete meltdown I expect them to win vs Montana St.

Cory from Mesa asks: WHo will win the Super Bowl?(Via Text)

My Answer: I believe the New York Jets will win. Its too early to tell but Im sticking with the New York Jets to win the Super Bowl against the Dallas Cowboys.

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