Thursday, September 16, 2010

USC vs Minnesota Preview

 This week USC will travel to Minnesota to play the Golden Gophers. USC and Minnesota last met in 1980 with USC taking a 24-7 Victory , USC leads the series vs Minnesota 4-1-1. USC came off a poor performace vs Virginia last week where the Defense played pretty good and the offense was poor. Minnesota on the other hand are coming off a loss to FCS South Dakota St at Home. First I want to talk about USC. Everyone talking about Last Week and how the Trojans played and what not. USC dropped to #18 in the AP Polls. Minnesota should be their best chance to show that they can clean it up. Now from what Im hearing that USC and a good two days of Practice which is good because USC needs to bring that fire and take it into the game vs Minnesota. USC needs to be prepared for a Minnesota team who will bring the power. Theres alot of Injury concerns right now with Nick Perry, Jordan Cameron, Arnold Armstead, and Marquis Simmons. While Armstead said he's playing we still don't know whats going on with Nick Perry and Jordan Cameron. I believe they will try to play this week.

Now Minnestoa from what I hear is a better team than Virginia but last week was not the week for them seeing that they lost to South Dakota St. I saw some of that game and South Dakota St kinda made it look easy. This is the biggest game in Minnesota right now and in the new Stadium who knows what will happen. Minnesota like I said can bring that Power to USC and I think the Trojans need to be ready. Minnesota has some talented Recevers In my eyes and like hawaii the Secondary will be challenged once again. The D isnt all of the best basicly for them to give up 41 Points to a FCS team. I know the Golden Gophers will bring their A game when they play because its USC. Look for Minnesota to Pass the ball against the Trojans and try to Pound them on the ground.

Ok now heres my predictions. I believe this will be an intresting game to watch because these teams will have something to prove for that game. USC wants to have a strong showing before they start Pac-10 play vs Washington St. I think the D will carry over the energy from Practice and have a great performace. The Offense will perform better than last week. Im not saying USC will score a bunch of points but SC will come away with the win and go into Pac-10 Play confident and Lane Kiffin Happy.

USC-35 Minnesota-14

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