Tuesday, October 12, 2010

USC vs Stanford: Review and experiance

 So last week USC faced the Stanford Cardinal in what I thought was a Thrilling game. I went to this game and I have to say the energy was very Live. before I get into this I have to start with the positives. USC's Offense was very dynamic and couldn't be stopped.  Matt Barkley with 390 Yards Passing and thats something right there. he forced a few passes but he competed with Andrew Luck. Robert Woods is  a guy who i've been high on since I saw him play at Serra High and for a reason. He was incredable and I think he will have a great future with SC along with alot of guys.

 Now the USC D is out of hand officially. They can't stop anyone or anything. Forced Turnovers thankfully but they need to do more. USC couldn't even stop the game winning drive for Stanford or Washington and now we have to wonder whos at fault here. I don't know but everyone involved is at fault and If its not fixed then someone is going to lose their job. I can type a whole post on this D but I don't really want to say much without getting mad. Cal is this week and the SC D have to hold up and get it together or they're going to cost USC more games. Now people are wondering if the Trojans just don't care anymore. USC wants to win and beat people and they have the heart but we will see what happens. Another thing that I cought live was how bad the Pac 10 officiating was. They missed some calls for SC and Stanford but the list is longer for SC. Deffensive holding when Luck was sacked? PI on an uncatchable ball? The Clock wasn't ran when bradford got the first? and the OH SO EARLY WHISTLE ON THE TACKLE WHERE GALLIPO HIT THE DUDE LATE? Yes he shouldn't of done it but come one now. Stanford is a good team but if they we're better than SC then they didn't need those calls late in the game.

 Finally this is something that upset me and thats Stanford Fans Storming the Field and the class that they show. Im not saying all Fans don't show class and its cool to say your team aint going anywhere but If your a favorite and if you beat an Underdog don't rush the field. I always see this with Oregon and its classless. First off Stanford fans you we're a 10 Point against an Unranked Trojan team. If USC would have beat Stanford and if we stormed the field at Stanford Stadium then we would be looked at as classeless but thats the thing about us Trojan fans. We act like we've been there before and don't storm the field. Now Im not saying don't storm the field but if it was an upset and if USC was #1 then ok I can see but not as a favorite. Also Stanford fans you only had one good year so don't sit there and talk down other fans like Stanford won 11 National Titles. By far the most disrespectful Fan Base along with Oregon that i've seen so far.

All in all the Stanford/USC game was a classic even though USC lost. I enjoyed the tailgate experience and the game atmosphere. Lots of USC fans but SC fans we gotta get loud at away games. Don't just sit down get loud and cheer on the Trojans.