Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Note to All Trojan Fans

 Last Night people are still feeling the effects of USC losing to Washington and with that theres tons of anger directed towards the Trojans. I hear fans saying that their not going to anymore games or other outragous stuff. Now Im here to clear the air because as a Die Hard Trojan fan to see some other fans stop caring makes me sick. USC's Deffense let the Trojans down lets get that straight and the Coaching wasn't to shabby either. Im not calling for Lane's Job just yet but something has to be done. Changes have to be made because Next week USC gets Stanford and they need to FIX ALOT of things. Now I refuse to say USC suck because they don't. The Deffense sucked and so did the kicker and the coaching that night. So before you say your not going to anymore SC game check yourself because if you say that your not a true fan. USC is out of the polls due to the loss but you must remember theres alot of people out there that waited to see USC fail. USC may not win the AP Title but they can ruin alot of dreams for others. People Focus on Stanford because their down and this is a good shot to beat them in Palo Alto. Remember we have yet to lose back to back games.

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