Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Will the USC D step it up this week?

 This Week USC will comeback from the Islands and play a Home Game in LA vs Virgina from the ACC. Now I am about to ask a Question that every USC Fan has been asking. Will the Deffense thats been hyped up? I've been wondering as we had the good games going on about the SC Deffense and that Poor Performace against Hawaii. Now Hawaii was in the spread pistol formation while this weeks foe Virgina runs a more traditonal offence. The Coaches aren't ready to make major changes and that I can live with because its only week one but something has to be done. 588 Total Yards? To Hawaii? Thats the second most yards USC game up this decade. The tackling needs to get better..........VERY BETTER!!! The secondary I understand is young but we need them to get better fast and Can we get some disipline into this group Please? Also another thing that stood out was the conditioning in the 4th. USC looked winded on D in the fourth and that needs to be fixed but I believe USC will get it fixed this week. Monty Kiffin you have work to do and this D needs to be better for Virgina because if the D strugglesvs the Cavs then All of us need to hit the Panic button.

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