Sunday, September 12, 2010

USC beats Virginia 17-14

 Last Night USC faced off against the Virginia Cavaliers in their Home Opener at the Coliseum in a game in which we were hoping would mean improvements for the Deffense. Well last night USC came away with a win 17-14 with UVA scoring at the end. Yes USC got the win but they played like crap. The Offense at the start was sooo shakey and the Deffense show light improvements here and there but Still gave up too many yards. The Defense gave up 340 yards in this game in which Im still not happy with. I don't know why the D is allowing this many yards but something needs to be done. Now I saw some flashes of improvement but still wasn't what I wanted to see. The Offense was pretty much the same came 2nd Qtr but they can't afford having a slow start and Penalties!!!! My goodness If this isn't the least disaplined team right now then I don't know who is. 12 Penaltys for 140 Yards and So many plays called back. Lane Kiffin said it best they need alot of work to do. The droped passes in the 3rd and that really needs to be worked on.

 Now I did see some things that I liked. Matt Barkley showed what work he did by dropping those 20 Lbs over the summer. He evaded alot of sacks and that was something. The TJ McDonald did really good tonight and i hope thats a sign of things to come. Overall USC played poor and needs alot of work before there trip to Minnisota. Now USC fans please stick it through and don't leave at the start of the 3rd. Support the Trojans or don't go at all!!

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