Wednesday, September 8, 2010

USC Alternate Uniforms?

Ok Now I've been wondering this for a few days and I know its a hot topic amung the USC Fanbase beside the Deffensive questions. Why don't USC have Alternate Uniforms. I did some reading about this topic and majority of the USC fans say they don't want it because they want tradition. My thing is if USC fans want tradition then why do they buy the Black and the Gold jerseys? I watch USC Basketball and they have Gold and Black jerseys. Now In one Pic (I took this off a fourm) These are what pro combat jerseys for USC would look like. Now I dont like the White Helment or Pants so I say change the helment to the Current one and Change the pants to gold and it'll be better. The others are the jerseys that people buy but the team don't wear. I don't see why they don't wear these I mean it would be nice to see USC bust out onto the field with these jerseys on a Saturday Night at the Coliseum. I would love nothing more to see USC wear em. Come on people lets push towards this.

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