Thursday, October 7, 2010

USC vs Stanford: My Take Preview

 This is a game where Power football will come to mind. This Saturday USC will play a very physical and a very good team in the Bay. No Im not talking about CAL Im talking about Stanford. USC and Stanford have a long history with each other going back before Pete and Jim. Last year Stanford led by Toby Gerheart came into the Coliseum and Thrashed the Trojans 55-21. Jim Harbaugh haven't been scared of USC since he got the Stanford job and has improved Stanford alot but he has been egar to burry anyone including USC. I really can't say much cause you know the story here. USC and Stanford are coming off a loss and both teams want to make a point. As far as the score and prediction I cant give one but I will tell you that this will be a fun game to watch.

I know this isn't the usual but I will post alot more of these. Its called my take and it will be breef but will have lots of info.

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