Tuesday, September 21, 2010

2011 The Pac-12 Will take place

 The Pac-10 has Officially gone to the Pac-12....Well according to sources. I saw on espn that Colorado will Join the Pac-10 next year which means the Pac-12 will officially be formed. This was talked about earlier when Utah announced that they were coming in 2011 as well. To me I find this very intresting because now this means the Pac-12 will have a Championship game along with the Big-10 who had Nebraska join the conference. Now there are some question I know you guys will be asking. We'll Im going to break down this whole thing but lets see how this whole thing came into place.

 Expansion talk started when the Big 10 was talking about forming this 14 team Conference. Out of nowhere the Pac-10 then starting making plans to form this Mega Conference where Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma St would leave the Big 12 and Join the pac-10. This was So close to happining till Texas which caused all the decided to stay in the Big 12 but the Big 12 would not last. Colorado would announce that they would be leaving for the Pac-10 which would give them 11. Soon after Nebraska would leave for the Big 10 which gave the Big 10 12 teams for a Title game. 2 months later Utah would join the Pac-10 giving them 12 teams. UPDATE: The Big 12 just officially announced that Colorado will leave in 2011.

Now here are the questions that you guys are just asking in your head.

  • How will the Conference be split up?
A: Well from what Im hearing the Pac-12 will be split into North and South. South: USC, Arizona, Arizona St, UCLA, Colorado, and Utah. North: Cal, Stanford, Oregon, Oregon St, Washington and Washington St. Now thats what i've heard and I don't know what Larry Scott has planed but I will indeed stay tuned on that.
  • How many games will be played In Conference?
A: I'm guessing maybe 7 games in Conference seeing that every conference with a Championship game plays with that. For example USC would play everyone in the Division then would Play two teams from the North. Then the next time they play a team from the north would be in the Title game.
  • Where will the Championship Game be held?
A: Thats a question that I want to know. First off Are they going to hold it at the #1 Seed Stadium? I would hate that Idea because fans Travel too much for that. I would prefer for the game to be held on a neutral site. Now where will it be played. Well lets break that down.

-Rose Bowl (Passadena CA) Rose Bowl is held there, The Media Days are held there, So Why not a Historic Stadium like the Rose Bowl. It seats 92,000 people. If USC made it the Rose Bowl would be filled with Cardinal and Gold. Did I mentioned the Weather in Passadena is great in december?

University of Pheonix Stadium (Glendale AZ) NFL Stadium, Domed. Why not? The Pac-12 Championship game will draw alot of people. It seats 63,000 which isn't alot but its a Really Nice Stadium. Arizona and ASU fans will fill up the join if they made it.

Los Angeles Coliseum (Los Angeles CA) Oh how could I forget the Grand Ole Lady? You have another Historic Stadium right here but its pretty much on USC's campus (Its not on it but you get what Im saying.) Parking isn't great just like the Rose Bowl. But it does hold 93,000 which is great as well. You already hold the Basketball Tournys right near The Coliseum.

Qwest Field (Seattle WA) This seems like a cool place to hold it but it gets cold there and i doubt fans from the California and AZ Schools will go watch the team play in the cold.

 With Colorado moving this will be intresting. Utah and Colorado playing the likes of Oregon, USC, Stanford, and Oregon St will make for Intresting TV. Be prepared to see alot of of Pac-12 Games on Primetime TV.

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