Sunday, September 19, 2010

USC vs Minnesota Review

 Yesterday as you Trojan fans know USC traveled to Minnesota to play the Golden Golphers. As I said on friday this was THE Game for USC to improve and show what they can do and I saw some good improvement and things to work on. Minnesota had the lead twice in this game. Once going up 7-0 and then again on a pass to Da'jon McKnight to make it 14-13 in the 3rd. I was very impressed with the USC Run D. The held Minnesota's talked about Run Offense to 83 Yards. They also got to the QB and forced Turnovers and thats something I absolutily loved. The Offense was alright some what. Matt Barkley didn't play the best of games. He had two picks thrown. One from miscomunication and another from a horrible throw. Now as far as the run game that was very good. Allan Bradford with 13 rushes and 131 Yards on the ground, Marc Tyler with a rushing touchdown and the never quit attitude. Dillon Baxter seems as if he's getting upset and he shouldn't. He has to learn that the long runs will come over time.

 Now USC do need some work to do as far as cutting down Penalties and working on the Secondary but this team will do what they can. I loved how Nickell Robey makes in game Adjustments and how he has that Florida speed but I know more teams will pick on him as the season goes on. Overall I felt this was a better game for the trojans but they need to stop giving up last second TD's like that. Its really killing us fans.

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