Sunday, October 3, 2010

USC's D fails again as Huskies beat USC Again 32-31

 I've decided to just post this instead of the usuall review because all of you guys seen the game. Washington for the second time in a row have betten the USC Trojans in LA 32-31. Washington showed that they wanted this game more and that they wanted to beat the Trojans in their own home. It was Deja Vu all over again as the kicker Folk made the game winning FG AGAIN as the Huskies Beat down the USC D who played like crap the whole game. I read the USC blog and they gave USC's D a C grade. I'd give USC more of an F because they just couldn't get it done. If USC had stoped them on the 3rd and Long and 4th down then they would deserve a C but in my eyes an F because the Offense did their Job but the D let the Trojans down. Lane Kiffin also appered to have caved in when Washington was driving. Use your damn timeouts to at least give the Offense a shot to win it and Joe Houston just quit the team. Before USC heads to Stanford I suggest this Deffense try to find themself and Tackle because if USC continue to play like this then USC will obviously lose to teams like Arizona, Oregon, Stanford, Oregon STt if they dont pick it up. I dont have much to say but I will post on sunday or monday

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