Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bosie St to BCS Title game? SLOW DOWN!!!

Bosie St fans Slow Down!! You still have a season to play!!
 Last night I saw a great game between Bosie St and Virgina Tech. After the game I kept hearing people except Kirk Herbstreet about Bosie St and the BCS Championship game. First off it was a good game. A Great game played by both teams. Now you can call me a hater or whatever but I look at Bosie St schedule and I see 3-4 teams that can knock them off seriously. Bosie St fans i am talking to you as a Big Time USC Fan and when I look at Bosie St I look at 2008 when people were saying that USC was going to run through the Pac-10 and Play Florida for the BCS Title after beating Ohio St. The Next week USC lost to Oregon St on thursday night. Now I know Bosie St fans and others are saying well USC chokes and we're not USC. Let me tell you this Bosie St fans. After a game like that your emotions get drained and some teams manage to have a let down the next week. Now Lets look at the schedule here. Wyoming I expect Bosie St to win that game but look at Sept 25th. Oregon St with the Rodgers brothers will indeed be intresting to watch. Oregon St played a good game vs TCU on Saturday remember that. Then I look at the WAC and boy wouldn't any of the WAC teams including Hawaii and Idaho (Really?) Love to beat Bosie St in there last year in the WAC. I see four teams that could beat Bosie St and ruin this National Title run. Nevada is a team that has a great QB and run that Pistol formation. Fresno St with the tough mentality Coach Pat Hill who manage to give teams a run for their money. Hawaii who freaking Tourched USC's (Trojans) D and outgained the Trojans for 588 Yards. and Oregon St who I explained earlier. Yes they're going to be favored in all those games but just because your the favorite doesn't mean you'll win all the time. At the start Bosie St was on fire but If they were a national title team they would of put them way early. Yes Virgina Tech is a good team with a good QB. Also that D kinda broke down and they were outscored 30-16 after the half. The Main thing here Bosie St fans is don't look ahead. Ask USC(2008&2006), West Virgina(2007), Oklahoma(2003), and Other teams who lost to where it cost them a National Title shot.

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